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David Brown for Darien's Board of Education

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Meet David:

David strongly believes, due to the importance of the Board’s mission,the financial impact to the Town, and size of the budget, it is crucial that members operate professionally.  This means learning, understanding, and following the rules and laws that apply to public, taxpayer funded education. This requires a willingness to gather data and carefully consider information to make informed decisions based on these rules.  Additionally, Brown also maintains that it is important to develop clear policies and goals so the Board of Education can accurately measure implementation. Further, Brown and his running mate Tara Wurm believe teamwork is the most important professional skill, as the equal members of the Board must work together to understand issues and develop policies that best serve the Town.


What David brings to the job:

Brown can best be described as a thoughtful lifelong learner. He graduated from high school at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan; earned a Bachelor of Arts from New York University in Economics; a Master of Science in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago; a Juris Doctor from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law; and he anticipates completing his studies at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and receiving his Master of Business Administration in June 2022.


After spending several years as a trader and later as a manager in financial markets in Manhattan, David now serves as an in-house counsel at a global financial services firm. Brown is the only lawyer serving on Darien’s Board of Education who is also seeking re-election. 


About David:

David was born in Boston, Massachusetts and he is the eldest of five children. His family relocated to Fairfield when he was in elementary school. He worked in New York City for several years until he and his wife relocated to Darien in 2006, to find room for their growing family.


The Browns have four children who are (and were) Darien Public School students and currently they have two daughters at DHS. Their youngest is entering second grade at Ox Ridge Elementary this Fall.


David feels strongly that his family has benefited from the strong community built by the generations of Darien residents who came before them. Darien allows all of our children to learn, build friendships and enjoy countless opportunities to grow and thrive. Three years ago, Brown joined the Board of Education to help continue this vital work.  



  • Dave is the chef of his family and according to his kids he makes the meanest hot wings!

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