Tara Wurm for Darien's Board of Education

Tara Wurm.png

Meet Tara:

Tara Wurm has been volunteering within the school system since she moved to Darien 13 years ago. She currently serves on the RTM Education Committee, which she enjoys and she would like to continue to contribute to the growth of our students’ education by serving on the Board of Education.


In the wake of the pandemic there are many important issues currently impacting our students’ education, from social-emotional learning concerns to pressure from the state and national governments to control curriculum and personal freedoms. 


Tara is running for the Board of Education because she would like to emphasize critical thinking skills and not ideology when it comes to our children’s education. Politics have no place in education. She feels strongly that students need to feel academically and emotionally supported to explore and express their own views of the world.  


About Tara:

Tara was born and then raised in New Jersey and resided with her mother and older brother, growing up. As a single parent household they moved around frequently, and eventually landed in Monmouth County. They were drawn there by the sense of community and quality of the schools. Tara deeply understands the financial sacrifices parents often need to make for their children to attend top-rated public schools in a great community, such as Darien.  


Tara moved to Darien in 2008 when she was expecting her second child.  She and her husband have two children Lilly (16, a student at Darien High School) and Charles (13, a student at Middlesex Middle School).   


What Tara brings to the job:

After seven years at Merrill Lynch, Tara became a stay at home mom who threw herself into volunteerism. She has volunteered within the school community in many capacities including budget representative, PTO Chair and President of Darien Advocates for the Education of the Gifted. In these roles she has learned the value of responsible budgeting, transparency, advocacy and strong leadership.  


Currently, Tara is obtaining her MA in clinical mental health counseling, which would be an asset in prioritizing the mental health of our school community and our youngest learners as we continue to navigate the fallout from a global pandemic.  


Tara believes that our schools should be controlled locally and will fight for limited government involvement in our educational system. She will be a strong voice to advocate for our students and community, while maintaining a fiscally responsible budget. As an elected position she understands that it is a position of service to our community and will be there to listen to and represent all constituents.  



  • Tara is a bit of a homebody, she loves to cook and enjoys experimenting on new and healthy ways to feed her family. 

  • She is very hands-on with home projects and even reupholstered a chaise lounge during the pandemic. 

  • She is also a part of the Cherry Lawn dog park community where she has taken her dog, Harley, every morning for the past six years.