Darien Democrats, Tara Ochman & Hartford:
Connecting the Dots


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When a candidate for elected office  receives money and endorsements from powerful people, what do they expect in return?  When these powerful people have a vested interest in extracting more money and more local control from Darien residents, what do YOU think they want?


Last year, State Senator, Bob Duff was found to have lied in public statements about the Norwalk Police and their Chief by an independent commission.  In partnership with the Norwalk Republican Town Committee, we issued a press release via PR Newswire simply demanding that he apologize.


Over 260 news outlets looked at our press release.  Not one article was written about it.  And Senator Duff never apologized.  The State Senate Majority Leader lied publicly about his own police department’s officers and not one single reporter thought it was worth writing about. 


That is why we created this page.  To get it out to you the voters the only way we knew how.

Darien needs strong, principled leadership and uncompromised voices defending our well-earned right to retain local decision-making. We cannot simply assume that our next leader will be as vocal against Hartford’s intrusions as Jayme Stevenson and Darien Republicans have consistently been.


 Tara Ochman:

  • Received over 40% of her campaign funding from outside of Darien (as of 10/11/21)

  • Received max donations from two affordable housing development executives from New York

  • Received endorsements from the same Democratic leaders she says she will oppose if elected

  • Her mentor in Darien, Evonne Klein stood by her side to kick off her campaign. Klein is a vocal supporter of Desegregate CT and she was a vocal supporter of SB1024 which would have massively expanded multifamily housing in Darien without local input


Darien Democrats, Tara Ochman's Political Party:

  • Received campaign donations from a PAC run by the Mayor of Hartford, Luke Bronin

  • His wife, Sara Bronin, is the founder of DesegregateCT

  • His campaign manager, Conor Hurley, Treasurer of the PAC, was employed until April by the National Education Association, the largest teachers union and largest union in the United States


"Friends of Tara Ochman" (her campaign)

  • Received campaign donations from Mayor Luke Bronin's PAC AND Senator Bob Duff's PAC

  • Senator Bob Duff co-sponsored the statewide zoning bill that eliminates public hearings for multi-family housing applications

  • Mayor Luke Bronin, as chair of the Conference of Municipalities (CCM), rubber-stamped the same zoning bill (proposed by his wife Sara Bronin) as approved, with only 37 out of 169 votes (that represent 169 towns of CT)

Just because someone claims to support local control does not mean you should simply take their word for it.

Candidates are entitled to seek and accept donations wherever they wish.  But this demands an explanation.

Darien voters who want to preserve real local control, should ask themselves: When push comes to shove, will Tara Ochman actually stand up to her political and financial supporters who seek to rob Darien of local decision-making?


Facts DO Matter.  Vote Row B on November 2 to ensure Local Control.