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Darien RTC Summary Statement

Security & Town Policing

​The Darien RTC fully supports the Darien Police Department (“DPD”) in its stated goal of preserving and enhancing the quality of life for residents of Darien.  The DPD holds a significant responsibility in ensuring the safety of Darien citizens, protecting the physical assets of the town, developing a sense of community, and reinforcing a town culture that is intolerant of criminal activity.

We believe that the DPD must remain focused on enforcing laws and ordinances, preserving the rights of citizens, calming any fear, and maintaining order.  We are committed to providing the appropriate resources and support to the DPD that drives the agency’s “Pride in Excellence.”  We expect Darien police to treat citizens with dignity, professionalism, and respect.  Importantly, amidst a national dialogue on policing and potential reforms, we believe that law enforcement remains the quintessential local issue.

The activities of the DPD affect people and our community directly, and therefore, accountability for police failures or potential reforms should remain with local leaders, not with Hartford or national one-size-fits-all mandates.

To these ends, the Darien RTC believes that the Police Commission should continue to

  • Ensure transparency and local accountability on all DPD matters, including finances, discipline of officers, and community policing;

  • Remain focused on safety and maintaining order, prioritizing the safety of our schools and children;

  • Equip the DPD with the resources required to do their job; and

  • Adopt sensible reforms and progressive training solutions to help the DPD solve community problems while exhibiting personal and professional excellence.

Principles, Policies & Rationale

Transparency and Accountability​


  • Continue to show that DPD is an open, transparent, and approachable police agency. Residents should feel comfortable speaking directly to the DPD about their concerns.

  • Democratic proposals to expand the federal and state oversight of local police departments would reduce local control and responsibility. Darien citizens and local elected officials know what is best for our town and can directly hold our police accountable.

Safety Focus, Prioritizing Schools and Children

  • ​Focus on core responsibility: safety, calming any fear, and maintaining law and order.

  • Regularly assess best practices and innovative ways to ensure safety of our schools while fostering a healthy relationship with students and police officers. Work with the Board of Education and school officials on these programs.

  • Review school resource officer (“SRO”) effectiveness and ensure the SRO position is being used in the most efficient and constructive way possible.

​​​​​Provide Appropriate Resources

  • ​Do not cave to misguided political and cultural pressure; fund the police.  Underfunding drives retirements and hampers recruiting.  Do not play political games and sacrifice safety.

  • Integrate advanced technology and resources that improve police effectiveness and individual accountability.

Adopt Sensible Reforms and Training Programs


  • ​​Reinforce a police culture that respects all human life and promotes dignity in interactions between police and citizens.  A police officer’s responsibility for protecting life must include the officer's own life.  To respect the lives of all, you must respect the lives of each.

  • ​Police policies should encourage police to be proactive, not reactive.

  • ​Oppose the modified roll-back of qualified immunity. Oppose any legislation that exposes police to frivolous lawsuits and can cause police to retreat from situations in which they are needed.

  • ​Have town officials work cooperatively with the DPD to review policies:  eliminating choke holds unless deadly force is warranted, requiring de-escalation training, warning before shooting, and comprehensive reporting are appropriate solutions for ensuring that we eliminate any mistrust or wariness between police and citizens.

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