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The Darien Republican Town Committee... 

  • Recruits and recommends qualified candidates for local appointed boards and commissions, and

  • Supports local, state and federal candidates for office.

Darien's Town Boards and Commissions are open to all Darien residents... commuters, parents, grandparents, empty-nesters, those who've volunteered for many years, and those who are volunteering for the first time.​

To be considered by the RTC for elected and appointed positions, you must be:


  • A Darien resident, and

  • A registered Republican (for either elected or appointed positions) or a registered unaffiliated voter (for appointed positions).


Human Services Commission

Monuments and Ceremonies Commission

Youth Commission


Get Involved...
​Fill Out a Candidate Application

Are you are interested in being interviewed for any of the following volunteer or elected positions?​


  • Future vacancies on the Darien Republican Town Committee,

  • Volunteering on committees of the Darien Republican Town Committee,​

  • Elected offices within the Town of Darien, or

  • Appointed positions on boards and commissions within the Town of Darien.​​​​

​​​If interested in serving:

​Please (1) download and print the application form (available in both MS Word and in Adobe PDF... simply choose the link with your preferred format), (2) complete the application, and (3) submit your application, as directed in the instructions on the form. For more information about submitting your application or about volunteering to serve, please click here or visit


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