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Marcy Minnick for Darien's Board of Selectmen

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Meet Marcy:

Marcy Minnick is seeking to retain her position on the Board of Selectman because she loves this town and truly enjoys serving the wonderful people who make up this incredible community. Marcy has the skills and first-hand experience required to continue leading Darien into the next generation as one of the most beautiful towns to live, work, and play in. She is incredibly excited about Darien’s future while committed to maintaining the small-town proactive community feel so many of us have come to love and expect.

About Marcy:

12 years ago, Marcy and her husband Emanuel came to visit Darien and instantly fell in love. The location and easy commute to their shoreline-based businesses, the top-flight school system, and the welcoming outreach they felt from their neighbors and community leaders sealed their fate to move in! They quickly settled into the community here with their three children, Teagan (16), Tenley (12), and Tymon (10). The Minnick Family immersed themselves into the fabric of the Darien community. Marcy became an active member of the Ox Ridge PTO, Chairing the Social Committee for 3 years and volunteering to lead both of her daughter’s Girl Scout troops. 


What Marcy brings to the job:

Public service has always been a calling for Marcy Minnick. She strongly believes that when someone possesses the skills and experiences to help fellow neighbors, coupled with the heart and head to effectively lead, they should volunteer to serve and give back.


A Connecticut native all of her life, Marcy was born and raised in Shelton. She attended Sacred Heart University, where she received an MBA in Business Management. While attending Sacred Heart, she took an Executive Assistant role working for her family’s small contract manufacturing company. It is there at Excello Tool that her real passion for legislative policy and concern for the future of Connecticut began. Now, Marcy serves as the CEO at Excello Tool, where she is faced daily with the grim reality that Connecticut has not invested in the future of our workforce and that of our infrastructure. 


As someone who believes in taking action, Marcy joined the board of ManufactureCT, a statewide trade organization, where she currently serves as Vice President. Through this organization, she has spent countless hours in both Hartford and Washington DC testifying on behalf of small businesses and manufacturing companies to ensure policies support growth, infrastructure investment, and job training. Her efforts as Vice President, with collaboration from other committee members, have successfully secured millions of assistance grants for small businesses. Their efforts have also secured funding for job training in trade careers, from both the federal and state level. 


In 2018, Marcy was elected to the Republican Town Meeting (RTM) to be a practical and participating member of our town's democratic process. She served on Planning, Zoning, and Housing during her tenure. In 2022 Marcy was elected to serve on the Board of Selectmen. In that time, she has served as Vice Chair of the Mental Health Taskforce and voting member of the Ox Ridge Building Committee.


Marcy is so excited about the future of Darien, as it would be her honor to continue serving this community as a member of the Board of Selectman.  



  • Marcy is infamous around town for her chocolate chip cookies but don’t ask for the recipe, it’s a secret!

  • Marcy has kept in touch with a little sister, Marjae, from the Big Brother Big Sister Program match-up 19 years ago. Marjae recently graduated from Elon University with a Master’s Degree in Higher Education. Marjae currently works for a not-for-profit out of Bridgeport which helps under-served community residents with appropriate job training and work opportunities - the Minnicks could not be prouder!

  • Marcy’s children and husband are descendants of the first volunteer African American 29th Regiment of New Haven, CT. Their great-great-great grandfather fought in the Union Army, serving under Abraham Lincoln, to abolish slavery across our nation.

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