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ATTENTION: Now is the time.

We need your help to encourage CT LEGISLATORS to VOTE NO on the extension of emergency orders (including masking mandates).

The State of Connecticut held a 6-hour legislative briefing yesterday and they are marking up the legislative language at this time. This vote will come in days. If enough constituents can sway the vote, this will all come to a halt and we can begin to reinstate local control. No more top-down, one-size-fits-harmful, and ineffective mandates.

Don’t sit by while they move to cement control through legislative maneuvers!

Please read on and fight for our children! Please spread the word. We love our kids. We love Darien. Time to work together!

Contacts and template below.


Connecticut Moms Use Social Media to Ignite Nationwide Opposition to School Mask Mandates (2/8/22 - link in comments)

“Given the countervailing evidence, the long-held consensus that masking in K-12 protects children and the community from the virus started to unravel, prompting many parents across the country to ask their Democratic-controlled states and school districts the same question: “Why haven’t you adjusted the rules in response?”

Outrage over the inflexibility of local authorities hit home especially hard in the New York City suburb of Darien, Conn…

“What we’re doing to this generation is unforgivable. Our kids protected the community and now it’s our time to protect them,” Montero said.

In a survey of 2,027 Darien teenagers in 7th to 12th grade conducted by the Thriving Youth Task Force, only 31 percent reported that they’re “thriving.” As for the rest of the students, the vast majority are struggling, with 20 percent responding that they’re “distressed,” 20 percent “vulnerable,” and 8 percent “anxious.”

“In saying kids are resilient, they’re admitting that they’re doing something to the kids that they shouldn’t be. ‘They’ll be fine, they’ll get over it,’ that’s everyone’s tag phrase. But I don’t think some of them will,” the Darien teacher said.”


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