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Candidates for Darien’s Future: McNally, Zagrodzky & Minnick for BoS with Brown & Wurm for BoE

Check out the new video from our team of candidates for First Selectman, Board of Selectmen, and Board of Education.

Please like and share with friends and neighbors.

This election is so important for Darien’s future.

Monica McNally, Jon Zagrodzky, and Marcy Minnick will lead our loving and close-knit community with integrity, experience, and commitment. Their focus will center on public safety and protecting your investment in Darien — along with preserving local decision-making rights, within a responsible and accountable local government.

Tara Wurm and David Brown will keep the Darien Board of Education moving forward with genuine, inclusive, and professional leadership.

Darien residents know what is best for Darien. You deserve leaders who will remain accountable to you. We are that team, and preserving responsible, local government, and decision-making is our mission.

We will work together every single day to provide the leadership and service you have moved here for and have come to expect.

We’d appreciate your vote this Fall!

Thank you.

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