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David Brown for Darien's Board of Education

Dave Brown, along with his running mate Tara Wurm, will keep the Darien BoE moving forward with thoughtful, inclusive and professional leadership.

The only lawyer up for reelection, Dave strongly believes, due to the importance of the Board’s mission, the financial impact to the Town, and size of the budget, it is crucial that members operate professionally. This means learning, understanding, and following the rules and laws that apply to public, taxpayer funded education.

Dave is committed to listening to parents and all constituents. As a BoE member, he helped implement a newly formed curriculum committee, and will exercise oversight of the DPS curriculum to ensure it is instructive and never ideological.

Additionally, Brown also maintains that it is important to develop clear policies and goals so the Board of Education can accurately measure implementation.

Further, Brown and his running mate Tara Wurm believe teamwork is the most important professional skill, as the equal members of the Board must work together to understand issues and develop policies that best serve the Town.

VOTE ROW B on Nov. 2nd.

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