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Marcy Minnick for Darien's Board of Selectmen

Marcy Minnick is seeking a position on the BOS because she believes her business management/small business ownership experience, her natural leadership qualities, her experience with Hartford and her ability to find common ground and common-sense solutions to complex issues is exactly what Darien needs in the coming years. Minnick is the ideal candidate to support the massive influx of small businesses and residents that will soon be setting root in our small town. Minnick will draw upon her leadership experience as CEO of Excello Tool to be an effective team member who provides solutions and listens to the desires and needs of all constituents.

Minnick currently serves on the Representative Town Meeting and firmly believes that government works best when it is of the people, by the people, for the people. Our nation was built on small government and freedom of individuality. Marcy Minnick supports these fundamental American values and honors, respects and upholds our Constitution.

Public service has always been a calling for Marcy Minnick. She strongly believes that when given the skills and experience to help your fellow neighbors, coupled with the heart and head to effectively lead, one should volunteer to serve and give back.

A Connecticut native all of her life, Marcy was born and raised in Shelton. She attended Sacred Heart University, where she received an MBA in Business Management.


  • Marcy is borderline famous for her chocolate chip cookies.

  • Marcy’s children and husband are descendants of the first volunteer African American 29th Regiment of New Haven, CT. Their great-great-great grandfather fought in the Union Army, serving under Abraham Lincoln, to abolish slavery across our nation.

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