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Selectman McNally Participates in Back-to-School Backpack Drive

DARIEN, CT - When the pandemic hit many of our neighbors found themselves without the means to provide the essentials for their families, including adequate food, money for rent, suitable clothing, and the opportunity for child enrichment.

Fortunately, Darien is a generous, caring community, and so many of us have stepped forward to lend a hand where help is needed. When it comes to our children, nothing is more important than getting them safely back to school, properly prepared and ready to learn, despite everything going on around us.

On August 26th, current Board of Selectman Monica McNally participated at Atria Senior Living with a group of local professionals, the Darien Chamber of Commerce and Person-to-Person to help remedy this problem, giving kids backpacks and the supplies they will need.

BMW of Darien, a respected local business and the second largest employer in town, agreed to generously serve as a backpack sponsor.

Selectman Monica McNally had the following to say, in response to the community involvement:

“Ahead of this week’s first day back to school, I was proud to help Atria Darien and their partner, Person-to-Person, come together as a community and fill backpacks with the school supplies these children need to start the year off right. “Person-to-Person in Darien, will be distributing the backpacks directly to the kids and families who need them most. I especially would like to thank them for their efforts around this project! I also wish to extend my thanks to Becky Gallucci and Susan Pica of Atria, Darien BMW, along with the Darien Chamber of Commerce for always giving back so generously to our community. It takes teamwork and all of us coming together to affect positive change. Thankfully, our small and tight-knit community is full of loving and selfless volunteers who are always ready to rise and help others,” stated McNally.

Board of Selectmen member Monica McNally and Atria Executive Director Becky Gallucci pose with volunteer-assembled backpacks for the Person-to-Person back to school backpack drive. The backpacks and supplies were donated by BMW of Darien and the Darien Chamber of Commerce.

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