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Darien's Education at Stake for Tomorrow's Election

Dear Neighbors,

Each year our elections become more critically important than they were the year prior. That’s because there’s more at stake. The race for Darien’s Board of Education demonstrates just how much is at risk. Our Republican candidates, David Brown and Tara Wurm, are running to uphold a strong record of decisive, effective leadership in Darien in the face of mounting interference from Hartford and elsewhere. Maintaining Darien’s exceptional schools will be no small task in the coming years, and we need people who are up for the job.

David and Tara believe:

  • Parents have the right and obligation to determine what is best for their children, and involved parents make our schools better

  • The more parents know about what their children are learning, the more effective they will be at making informed decisions about the direction of the curriculum

  • Transparency about Board and school administration decisions is essential to convey critical information to parents

  • Board members must be accountable to the parents who elect them.

David and Tara will:

  • Encourage active parental involvement

  • Provide oversight over the curriculum while ensuring parents are informed about what their children are learning

  • Communicate clearly to parents about how Board decisions will affect their children and our schools

  • Work with parents to ensure relevant parties are accountable for the consequences of the decisions they make as leaders.

The differences between our candidates and their opponents, and the party they represent, could not be any clearer. While David and Tara ran to promote common-sense policies, the DTC engaged in disgusting smear tactics to distract from the issues that concern Darien’s parents. One can only wonder why a single seat on the Darien Board of Education is worth slandering an innocent’s man’s reputation. What could justify stooping to such lows?

We suspect it’s exactly the opposite of what David and Tara are running to preserve; Local decision-making, transparency, accountability, and parent involvement. This is why the stakes are so high.

Darien and the Board of Education need your vote on Tuesday, November 2nd to ensure that we stay on the right track. Please vote and encourage your friends and family who understand how important this election is to do so as well.


The Darien Republican Town Committee

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