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Statement from the Darien Republican Town Committee

Today we are deeply saddened for Darien and disgusted with the Democratic Town Committee. While we appreciate that the DTC has apparently recognized their “mistake” and retracted a deeply offensive, false and scurrilous social media post, at this point, the only action that should convince anyone in Darien of their sincere contrition is a public apology by their leadership to Board of Education member and candidate David Brown.

We are left wondering, is this representative of all 24 members of the DTC? and their candidates' views? Does this give us a preview of the type of divisive role politics will play in our town should this party be elected to lead?

How was anyone ever permitted to make this attack?

At the very least, the screenshot used as the basis of this smear violated their policy for TV and Video Productions (specifically points 8-10). All candidates signed this agreement and, unless they had prior approval from LWV, the Darien Democratic Town Committee has openly breached it.

While the national political stage has devolved far too often into tawdry bloodsport, the cynical “politics of personal destruction” should have no place in Darien. ALL of our elected officials are our neighbors and even friends, and unwarranted, cynical attacks like these will only discourage our best and brightest from serving our community. As a town, we would all do well to send a clear message repudiating this sort of activity. This is not how our town operates. This is not Darien.

David Brown is a sitting Board of Education member and a longtime resident of this town. In the League of Women Voters debate last night, he (and all of our candidates) exhibited the level of knowledge, thoughtfulness and professionalism we should all expect from our elected officials. His good character and inclusive nature are no secret to the many people who know him. He and his family deserve far better than how he was treated by the DTC last night. The Darien Republican Party, which has already on a number of occasions, repudiated true displays of hate and bias in our schools and in our town, stands firmly in support of him.

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